Pinterest a household name see why…

Pinterest is now a household buzz word, a pin board photo sharing social site which allows users to share images of different themes. In the last two years it’s been much talked about on the web and making headlines offline too.

The social site has challenged the heavy weights both Facebook and Twitter according to the Hitwise – they are the third most popular social networking site. It is driving more referral traffic then Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn.


Five points to really get you really moving at quantum speed engagement with your audience are:

1. When to pin?

Just like the other social networking sites, Pinterest has its moments or highs and lows in regards to activity. We’ve noticed the best time to pin is between 2 and 4 pm and between 8 pm and 1 am.

2. Visually engaging images

This is another venue for customer interaction, so interact and connect with engaging unique images. Promoting others content by re-pins, comments and likes is also a great method to get content shared to others by others.

3. Does this help with SEO?

Absolutely, it helps by driving further traffic to your website! Optimise your boards to complement products or services you offer.

4.  Include links to other social networks

You can currently do this to only Facebook and Twitter via the Pinterest platform. There are other tools that you can use to to help spread the brand awareness.

5. Sell your wares

If you have an ecommerce website you can pin your image from your site to Pinterest which will include your price offering

Have fun now and don’t forget to look at other interesting brands to get further ideas and tips.

Until the next post keep pinning!!!pinterest-logo


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