Joseph Media talks to Croydon College Creative Students

Today we had the opportunity to deliver a presentation to the creative arts students about some of the major application of the arts in the real working environment. It was fun, visually engaging with a great turn out.


digital media presentation

Our main objectives were to cover the benefits and some of the real time experiences faced in the industry.

For those that are looking for a career path you may consider looking at these areas: design, marketing, development, content and project management to name a few.

There were many great questions asked, one to highlight is the route to entry which was “do you have to gain a degree before going into employment?” In the present climate we do advocate to the youth that university is a great option, but there are other options such as apprenticeships, volunterring and even going into full time employment.

We look forward to our next visit to Croydon college to share further know how, tips and experiences.

Our next upcoming presentation will be at the Croydon Tech City in a few weeks time, see some of you there!


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