Latest video on Sustainability by Experts in Croydon

Sustaining your project or business during these hard economic times can be very difficult. Get the latest tips by watching this exclusive video on Sustainability from experts in Croydon.  The video is less than 5 minutes yet packed with lots of useful tips and could make the difference to whether you are able to continue providing the service you do for a long time to come.


The video shows you how with the right support services, it is possible to sustain your business or project and be very successful in the long run.  Amongst the top reasons for why projects and businesses cannot sustain themselves are:


A lack of funds is often given as a reason why businesses and projects can not sustain themselves, especially with the ongoing cuts in public funding.  This video presents new ideas on fund raising that allow you to use your existing resources to generate more revenue.  The idea is simple.  You already have a network of people who like and support your project or use the products and services you produce or provide. Why not harness this already available resource together with the power of the internet, through social media for fund raising?  An automated tool to help you do exactly this is presented in the video.


Another top reason given for why projects and businesses are unable to sustain themselves is the lack of support. For some organisations, affording or having access to certain skills and support services can make a significant difference to their survival.  Other support services affecting sustainability include:

Website design and development
Financial services

If you truly value the service you provide and would like to continue doing so for a long time to come, then do not miss this opportunity to watch the sustainability video and listen to what the experts have to say.


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