How Do You Know You Don’t Know?

Any serious thought to this question will reveal some very interesting insights.  Regardless of the subject matter, the more you ponder over this question both in reference to yourself as well as to others, the more it becomes apparent that there’s a distinct and vivid pattern to the characteristics of those who think they know as opposed to those who actually know through diligent inquisition, study and investigation to arrive at the facts.  A few quotes emphasise this:

  • “There are things we don’t want to happen But have to accept”
  • “There are things we don’t want to know But have to learn”
  • “There are things we can’t live without But have to let go”

You know you don’t know when…

  • You think you know it all
  • You stop asking questions
  • You talk about obsolete technology as if it is current.  Examples: when you are still using dial-up instead of broadband, or using a dumb-phone instead of a smartphone, using traditional marketing methods instead of online marketing or when you take a filofax to a meeting instead of an iPad or still use a fax machine instead of email. When you think cloud-computing is using a computer in an air-plane.  The list is really endless but we think the point is clear…
  • You are asked a question you cannot answer.  Examples:  What is a QR code? What is Pinterest? What is geolocation?
  • Your children can operate technology devices that you can’t etc. etc. etc.

What is the solution…

When one can come to terms that it is okay not to know and admit it, progress can be made.  After all we don’t know everything!  The key is to accept your limitations and focus on what you are a specialist in and hand over other areas to experts in their respective fields.

So if you really want to know what’s really going on then…

Keep current by attending workshops and seminars, subscribe to appropriate newsletters.  Enrol yourself on short courses such as those delivered by  These are short, punchy and arm you with the latest and current information you can start using straight away. We also provide a free consultation to help you move to the next level in the digital media space.


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