Budget IT Solutions for The Third Sector

During difficult economic times cost is very important to everyone.  It is particularly true of the third sector who generally have less money to work with than its private and public sector counterparts.

Traditionally, when it came down to cutting costs, IT budgets were first to be slashed.  However, with the developments of technology and a direct correlation to using technology to increase revenue; with the likes of Social Media – Facebook, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Video and other web technologies, it is vital that organisations in all sectors; but particularly in the third sector make adequate provision to develop and maintain their IT Systems.  The right IT Solution is crucial for business and project sustainability.  Regardless of the size of the organisation the following are recommended and can be implemented with relatively small budgets and can mean all the difference in whether an organisation survives or not.

Do not cut corners in order to save pennies, in other words don’t compromise on quality.  It is possible to do this on a small budget but still achieve high standards.  Work with partners who have the expertise to deliver these key essential services. You only get one chance at giving a lasting “first-time” impression which facilitates the decision making process on whether the engagement progresses any further.

Essential Key IT Solutions on a Budget:

  1. Website – a professional dynamic and functional website that achieves your results is invaluable and more cost effective for marketing than traditional marketing methods.
  2. Video – produce a 1.5 minute video which communicates your message well. This is great for viral marketing and for communicating your message visually.
  3. Social Media – run a regular consistent social media campaign, Tweeter etc.
  4. SEO – run a regular consistent SEO campaign
  5. Mailing List – build a database of people who support your work or organisation
  6. Newsletter – nurture a community with regular communication of the latest updates about your organisation such as projects, events etc.
  7. High Quality Stationery & Promotional Material – first impressions last so you should aim to leave a long lasting and professional impact on your audience. You should have some business cards, leaflets and banners for all public engagements.

For these and other key essential services, contact Joseph Media for your FREE no obligation consultation today.


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