Five Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

  • Marketing Strategy Procrastination

From recent workshops and statistical data, many businesses have failed to capitalise on leveraging the power of social media. Many are aware but have no strategy in place even though there are many FREE platforms to use.

  • Content is still king

You may be already familiar with this but adding fresh content is still very important, it has to be relevant and unique. Failing this your business objectives and efforts will be undermined slipping away from the minds of your visitors. Add something of value; it could be something simple such as a new range of products or news on the refresh of your website.

  • Pay attention to your site

Constant monitoring of your brand is a must. Listening to your advocates or evangelist and nay Sayers is crucial; you don’t want to fall victim to hackers exploiting vulnerability. This happened to Amazon in 2009 causing various authors to disappear from the site affecting sales.

  • Focussing on all media channels

According to recent tests, pay more attention to where you promote the social media icons as opposed to the number. Ideally 3 social media icons work well, but if you get more than 50,000 monthly visits, consider placing 4 or more social icons.

  • Tweeting content once

Research data by Mark Suster has suggested that tweeting at least twice a day increases more visitors. Just by retweeting a blog post again, he received an extra 56% more visitors from Twitter.


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