Skype for longer

Does your phone ever run out of charge when you’re trying to use it?

Microsoft have given Skype a new image with a reworking of its homepage and the ability to be run in the background without wearing out your battery.

As Skype will use less battery power mobile phones, Ipads, laptops and other mobile devices running Skype will last longer between charges, this will allow Skype users to be online for longer without charging and with Skype’s new homepage, Microsoft are hoping that users will run this program constantly in the homepage
This useful quirk is available due to a feature built in to modern computer chips.
Mobile devices with Windows 8 software will be able to take advantage of this, although there are already a number of apps that use this feature.

Hopefully this is just an early step in reducing the power requirements of programs on mobile devices and we will be able to browse and surf on our mobile phones, laptops and pads to our hearts content, with no worrying about running out of charge or having to plug into a power socket.


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