YouTube Introducing Video Advertising

Today YouTube are introducing the video advertising arm to their video platform, just like Google Adwords.

According to the YouTube product manager Baljeet Singh, this is according to a recent blog post. They currently have an increasing number of viewers in excess of 800 million monthly visitors. This trend is likely to grow as more people are using this for personal or business reasons. Currently YouTube are in a good position as one of the major player in the market for business video advertising.

Google Adwords being so popular when it comes to search advertising and are hoping this takes off with their YouTube video advertising arm. Google owns YouTube and many have said this was something they had up their sleeves not only to generate revenue but also aiding businesses to market their ‘wares’, a similar option with Google Adwords for video.
In the same way that Google Adwords works where marketers buy keywords, the same principle is used for YouTube video advertising. They will buy and manage keywords or phrases for search or for display ads. Bidding on keywords is still the norm and the marketers will only pay when the ads are watched.

An example would be a cup cake store that would bid on keywords such as “cupcakes”, “halloween cupcakes” with the view that the video comes up when a search on these terms is done on YouTube.

To entice business especially start-ups and SMEs YouTube are offering £30 million ($50 million) in free advertising to the first 500,000. For new companies there will be a credit towards advertising on the site.

Why not add this to your social media mix, until the next post happy YouTubing…


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