Wikipedia Blackout

We are only 18 days into 2012 and there is much debate about the on-going anti-privacy laws in the US.
The fifth most popular websites Wikipedia is facing blackout today in protest shutting down for 24 hours affecting millions of viewers, students, knowledge seekers etc.

If you do happen to visit the site today you will be presented with a letter encouraging people to support with no access to the millions of articles.


The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales is calling on the public to put an end to the online piracy act (SOPA) and the IP act, these 2 bills are from the US which will bring an end to freedom of speech and also internet censorship.

There has been support from not just celebrity but also from the founders of the household names such as Google, Twitter, Yahoo, eBay and Flickr. They came together and had a national press release in the newspaper, but Twitter have declined in supporting by taking down their online presence.

Here in the UK there has been much media press surrounding this as they push forward with the digital enforcement act.

I’m sure there is going to be much debate over this and await the reaction of the US government.
Until next time – The JosephMedia team


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