Stay Optimised Don’t Be Left Behind…

Before you know it tomorrow’s news is old news. Today’s ideas are tomorrow realities. Time as we know is not our friend. Like the European football championship it’s almost over. Past champions are today’s losers.

Tying this in with business there are many options to succeed. Traditional ideas work but today’s apps work wonders. Some organisations fail to jump on a good idea that works, missing the chance to turn their ideas into tomorrow’s success story.

What we are trying to put across is put some of today’s ideas in motion. May be its time to embrace web analytics with a little bit of search people optimisation (search is done by people) aka search engine optimisation with a pinch of social engagement. I guess you know where I’m heading?

The web is the engine of growth and continued innovation. According to Google the average time to load a page is 4.9 seconds. Most people are now more internet savvy and know what they are looking for. Sites that take too long to engage has accounted for wasted time – in the Uk there are
over 7 million people and if everybody had to wait for 5 seconds that would equate to
6 years of wasted time.

Efficiency is what we are after; boxing clever is what we are after in this dynamic paced technological microcosm. Learn from past mistakes – It took Shopzilla (Google’s shopping site) to drop the latency time from 7 seconds to 2 seconds to see an incremental increase in revenue by 12 percent!

Pay more attention to some of the granular issues surrounding your website’s performance. Things such as image size, the amount of flash, server bandwidth and overall structure of the site. May be you can’t reinvent the wheel but you sure can mould the tyre.

Until our next blog clean out the old and bring in the new!


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