Google Wallet

Don’t we just love the internet, in our history we have never been so interconnected as in sharing thoughts, photos, status, news and other information. Our purchasing of products and services have been revolutionised allowing us to instantly make purchases from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your living room.

There are various ways of making online payments today be it by debit or credit cards, payment gateways such as PayPal and WorldPay and also via your business merchant accounts.

Google have added another twist to the online payment space by rolling out another service called Google Wallet – Google’s mobile payment service. It includes offers, coupons and customer rewards rolled into its App. Currently out on the android phones but soon to be rolled out to other smartphones and devices.

It works using the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which is wireless, sending data between two devices. The devices are relatively close to each other just like using your Oyster card on the London underground tube service.

There is some speculation that Google has signed a deal with Visa enabling the use of Google wallet payments at the London Olympics this summer. This would bring much attention and probably start the decline of the other forms of payment.

This is a positive move for Google but it’s still far from over as there is still captivating users and bank worldwide.


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