Boxing Day Online Retail Spend Soared To New Heights

The lead up to Christmas sales over Boxing Day and the New Year, which is the best UK shopping day for retailers and consumers proved to be better online compared to Bricks and Mortar.

According to “Experian Hitwise monitoring” Boxing Day online spend superseded last years by a staggering 40%. The online retail websites received a surprising 96 million UK visits compared to 68 million last year.


Online retailers relied more heavily on search traffic in 2011, with 43 per cent of all visits coming from a search engine.
For the month of December the amount of online retail visits also increased by 4.8%, with visits toppling the 2 billion mark. Search engines driving most of the traffic, with Google being the biggest contributor compared with Bing and Yahoo. For every ten visits to retailers online nine were from Google.
Main triggers for traffic generation depends on the combination of search, social media, affiliates and other sources, search is believed to be the most dominant at that key time.
Marketers and webmasters have spent quality time optimising their organic search and paid campaigns accordingly.

We await the results for December 2012, for those brands that did not have the results as expected we wish you well.



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