Service Refresh

Recently the link shortening service has released their refresh of the website and its service offerings. They introduced some new features which some may argue has taken away from the original concept – shortening URLs.

The homepage is more geared towards ‘your stuff’ which has a feed of recommended and shared bitmarks, allowing users to edit or share either in bundles or privately. You’ll work out preferences through trial, general use and experience. The network tab displays feed from your Facebook or twitter networks, hopefully to etch more traffic numbers and to make it more of a community. Like most things it take some time getting use to – similar to the Facebook timeline feature which most are still getting their heads around it.

With the new design comes the look and feel of a social network. Why not? Some may ask, especially with the popular buzz around social networking platforms with recent press around Pinterest, it’s no coincidence that they also want a piece of the pie.

Social communities are all about engagement and fun, hopefully you’re taking part too. ‘Bitmarks’ equivalent to bookmarks allows you to organise, share, search and save links of interest. If you have a Twitter account your able to view tweets from your followers in the Twitter look and feel, which many will find quite handy.

If we rewind the clocks back just a couple days ago we would notice the rather simple, large you-can’t-miss link shortening box at the top of the page. The simplicity factor has now disappeared and relegated from the premiership as it were to the championship – football fans know the feeling. The main URL shortening box has been made much smaller and a little trickier to get to.

For the serious or heavy users of the shortening service you’ll notice that the bookmarklet tool which allowed you to do and see more in a simple type dashboard will be missed.

Let us know how you’re finding the service and looking forward to your comments or feedback.


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